Lawyer Marketing and SEO in Atlanta, GA


We Offer Lawyer Advertising With Proven Results

By using local geographic targeting we'll serve the ads only to customers in your service areas. We can target by radius or by cities or counties.

We will import a customized campaign to prevent losing money on searches that aren't turning into calls. Having a customized campaign will prevent you losing money on clicks that aren't turning into calls.

We will help you get more cases that you want to work. No matter what area of law you practice we can create a campaign to get more calls for those types of cases.

We'll target a customized audience that have a higher chance to turn into clients. We'll create a strategic budget that is lower cost for clicks, but creates more leads.

We will create high quality ads coupled with heavily targeted keywords based on keyword research and analysis.


An Effective SEO Campaign

We can also get you started with a SEO campaign to help increase your organic traffic. SEO is a investment that helps in the long run, but takes time to see results. 


Major search engines, such as Google, rank websites using a multitude of ranking factors. LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords, web page structure, mobile optimization, link building, content relevancy and quality, and social media signals are examples of what search engines take into consideration when ranking your website.  

We'll build a strong SEO campaign utilizing these factors. 


"Since working with Frederick I have more cases to work from all the calls I'm getting and a nice looking website. I highly recommend consulting to this company!

-M. Federico Greene, Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney. Atlanta, Georgia 

Criminal Defense Website

M. Federico Greene came to Dash Digital seeking a more affordable service and higher quality leads for criminal cases. He was having a problem with his former agency being expensive and not bringing in the amount of quality leads he expected. 

We helped bring a solution. We did research and found keywords that weren't being utilized in his former campaign and ads that lacked engagement and had a low quality score. 

We were able to increase his leads by threefold, get him higher quality leads and cut the cost in half.