PPC management Services

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Strategic PPC Management

There are 40,000 searches every second on Google. People are searching on Google for businesses and services and we will launch high quality ads to them with pay per click management that focuses on return on investments and strategic placement. 

We'll target a customized audience more likely to turn into a lead based on data we have from working in diverse industries. In some instances using long tail keywords that are optimal for more conversions. We'll use an advanced bidding strategy portfolio that is lower cost, but creates more conversions. 

We will create high quality ads coupled with heavily targeted keywords based on competitive keyword research.  We also use local targeting to serve the ads only to customers in your service areas in and around Atlanta or Greater Atlanta.

We'll make it easy for customers to take action in contacting you and continue managing the ads for strong performance. We'll create extensions by your ads to make it easy to reach the website or contact by phone.

More About ppc ads

Only Pay when they click

Compared to some other ways of advertising you're paying regardless if you're getting clicks. With PPC ads you only pay when there are clicks.

Why ppc ads?

Effective SEO takes time while PPC enables immediate results. Instead of paying for impressions you pay for results.

We have experience with diverse industries

With the data we have we're able to import custom campaigns based on information we have on previous leads that work. Turning more clicks into customers.

Everyday people are searching for businesses and services

Let's get your business placed with strategic PPC management

Pay per click means you only pay when customers click.

With us you'll be able to see exactly where your ad spend is going 

The PPC ads we create also keep mobile users in mind

We can set up a campaign to focus on mobile conversions. We've seen high return on investments for law firm advertising in particular.