dash digital marketing

About Dash Digital

Dash Digital Marketing was started with the goal to bring a stronger digital presence and more engaging ads to small business owners in Atlanta, GA.

Dash Digital strives to meet your goals with a focus on digital strategies that center around meeting your digital advertising expectations. 

Our small agency has worked with a diverse group of clientele including lawyers, health industry, restaurant owners and professional service business owners.

Our name ties into our philosophy. A dash is the mark or sign (—) used to note an abrupt break or pause in a sentence. In our creative efforts we strive to build advertisements that create impact and cause a pause for direct attention. Turning more clicks into customers

dash digital owner

Fred Smith, Owner

Fred graduated from Kennesaw State University where he studied psychology, IT and business with a degree in integrative studies. Fred has a background in human services and customer service. Fred has been helping small business owners for two years.  

You can find Fred researching or playing video games and listening to music. He also enjoys trying new restaurants and traveling to new places.